My new chameleon

who thinks i should put my chameleon in the glass tank

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chamely boy

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I just got a new veiled and I have a big glass tank around 50 to 60 gallons tall. I have him in the Zoo Med Chameleon cage with a live umbrella plant. Should I move him?

chamely boy

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I don’t want to answer that question. It shouldn’t be kept in an aquarium, it shouldn’t be kept in a small cage, or anything that’s doesn't meet height requirements.

Glass or screen depends on where you located. You can’t have a glass top, it will keep the uvb rays for reaching your Cham.

Well, that’s what I know. I know smarter keepers will respond.


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Pictures of the current set up and the tank in question would need to be provided to answer that question.
Plenty of keepers have success with glass enclosures, but it is the type of enclosure and the husbandry provided that makes them successful.
There is no yes or no question here, we need details.
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