My new Chameleon shakes when he climbs


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My chameleon "Mrs. Green" is new to my few pets, including 2 other reptiles. I didn't notice at first but his front legs around the wrists are kind of bent. Also he shakes pretty bad when he walks on the vines. I wanted to know if I have anything to be concerned about. Any review is appreciated. Thx.
Hi welcome to the forum. Could you post pics of her front legs where you think the problem is. Chameleons do whet is called the " leaf walk " they take a couple of steps forward and sort of sway forward and back before taking the next step. Could that be what she is doing?:)
Hallo there, I noticed that Mr Jingles kinda doing the same a day or so before he sheds. I think that he gets irritable and shakes his front legs whilst he is climbing around. Soon after he is done shedding the shaking stops
Im going to see if I can get a good pic of his front legs. I have seen him do the leaf walk before, when he walks horizontal is when the "shaking" is the worst. It looks exactly like after I get my dog out of the bath to dry off.
my thoughts also

I got Mr. Green from Petco. Hes young so I was hoping it could be reversible. I asked the lady if they ever gave him any repticalcium and she said no. I go in that place all the time and he had been there for months. How long do you think he will continue to shake like that?
lol just noticed I put "Mrs" instead of "Mr". any way if you wanna look at his leg I have a pic on my profile.
Post photos here, your avatar doesn't get big enough.

Post multiple photos from different angles and sides.
actually isn't my avatar lol IMG_20130419_173232_681[1].jpg
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