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I just got a new vieled cham, a male to go with my 2 females. Got him from FLCHAMS. He is a cutie! His sire is Janoris so I have high expectations for him. My girls are named Laverne and Shirley, so to stay with the theme I can name him Lenny or Squiggy. I cant remember any other guys except for I think the great Ragoo??? Anyone remember any others, its been awhile!!


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He looks awesome. I like the name Lenny!
PS- How are the girls?

Laverne and Shirley are doing great! They are getting lots of turquoise iin them. And they are getting so big. They will eat most anything except they dont really care for hornworms. Thankfully I only bought 1 cup of them and they are getting huge fast!! Laverne is still sweet, when I mist her she comes running to the front of the cage for me to mist her!! Shirley doesnt like misting to well. So how is Clea doing after laying her eggs?
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