My large atrium clear side dragonstrand enclosure with pond foam build


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With some great tips from bill Strand finally got my cage together. Has plant dripper system and misters running off of mist king starter pump with valves to control flow. All works fantastic and looking forward to my plants filling in more. Plants in the cage from memory are two pothos, two umbrella plants, a money tree, in back corners I have a pineapple guava tree and an orange peel jasmine Bush, I have a hydrangea growing up from bottom and couple colorful guys I forgot name of on top. I also have a sundew in the back on top and also a flytrap but hes kind of behind my large pothos so hard to see. Any questions or comments are welcome. I have moved the power outlet from next to the screen on the right by the way, as this is never a good idea just wanted to see how it worked and then I rerouted wires.


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Awesome looking so far! I did notice you are using the repifogger multi port attachment I to used it but was having issues with it distributing evenly. If you run into the same issue you can use 1/2 PVC piping with a couple T and 1 elbow this worked 100 times better in my case also cut the ends of the pipe in a slight angle to prevent moisture build up that will stop the flow from coming out through the screen.


Woah, looks like Cham heaven. I could live in there! You must be a dedicated owner . He must be happy. The only trouble would be finding your Cham!
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