My Kermit died today.


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Well I just wanted to say that my Kermit (jackson) died today. Since 2 days ago his eyes were closing in the day and I did make a get appointment witch was tomorrow. I tried my best he had a 5.0 uvb and 50w heat lamp a automatic mister and a dripper and fogger. I gave him vitemin every 2 weeks, and calcium 2 a week without d3. I don't know the actually cause of death. He always had some problems reason why I bought him was to try to save him but after 6 months I guess it was his time to go. Here is some pictures


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I am so sorry for your loss, poor little fella. Your enclosure was fantastic and care sounds spot on.

Thanks for giving this handsome guy a shot... It should comfort you that he had a wonderful home the last 6 months of his life.
So sorry for your loss, I know you did all you could to make life for Kermit as good as possible and you did all the right things....RIP Kermit.
I am so sorry that you lost Kermit. He was a handsome boy. It's always heartbreaking to lose one of these little guys. :(
That is defiantly a Jackson's encloser. Only thing I see that you can improve is more vines up top under the UVB and basking. What size cage ?
And sorry for your loss. :( I lost my first Cham, I think it happens to even the best eventually. Ozzy my veiled died right in my hand but I tried again and you should do the same :)
Oh no, I'm so sorry! I didn't even know Kermit and I almost in tears over his death.
Find peace in knowing that you gave him excellent care and love, and that his passing has left an impact on so many people that don't even know him.
I am sure you made the last part of Kermit life a lot better than it would have been. I am very sorry you lost him.
Guys thanks all of you, I don't really know what is the cose of death. I know he didn't hav MBD. But thank you guys again. He was a amazing chameleon.
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