my jackson does not touch mealworms


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My jackson does not touch mealworms I just got him he does not seem depressed drinks lots of water and crickets he also walks a lot and tries to hang from the roof of the cage as if he wants his belly to absorb some UV light is there any thing wrong with him ?
No, everything you are saying is normal. Not every chameleon likes the same food. Some like mealworms and some don't. A healthier choice besides mealworms would be silkworms.
my jackson's is one of the most pickey chameleons I've ever seen. So far the only two things he loves are phoenix worms, and crickets. Trust me I've tried every insect you could think of and if I try to feed him other stuff, he will suprise me by eating one, and then never eat it again. It's very annoying, but I have the clean up crew which are my two leopard geckos and my lovely Nosy Be Female.
It may be to small for him to even consider lol some chameleons I've heard around the forum won't even bother with smaller worms and such. You can try superworms, don't feed them to much because they aren't the best as far as nutrients and such but those along with Silk, horn, and Phoenix worms.
thank you I have a hard time getting my hands on some in hawaii

how about snails? you could perhaps collect a few adults from the wild, keep only until they produce eggs then release the adults back where you got them. Grow up the snail eggs to decent feeder size...
Feeding worms all the time is not best , depending on worms he might not get all the nutrition he needs and once he gets used to worms good luck getting him back to roaches , it took me 2.5 weeks of starvation to get my panther eating roaches or crickets after super worms diet. Roaches are one of the best foods and dubias are easy to breed and care for.
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