My friend needs advice!!!


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Today one of my friends left his baby panther on a perch in his living room and when he checked back on him, the cham was missing. It also turns out that the kingsnake he bought from the reptile auction a few weeks ago also escaped his aquarium! Do you guys have any tips on how he should handle this?


Look for him after dark with a flashlight, he will be easiest to see then.ask your friend to do a better job of containing his animals.


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When I have had a couple of baby panthers escape their tubs, they always try to find a higher perch. Tell him to check tops of window blinds/curtains or anything he could climb. I found one of the babies perched ontop of a 5 foot 1x2 leaning against the wall 10 feet away from the tub he got out of. I did not have any snakes and I was worried enough. Hope he finds him and the snake (separately of course)


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what do you mean? They are both still missing? uh, what do kingsnakes eat???

I think kingsnakes eat mice and lizards. The snake may have been missing for a few days prior because he was out of town. So this may be a bad situation


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the snake will seek heat--so a blanket with a heating pad under it on the floor over night may attract the kingsnake.
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