My first set of eggs! (F. pardalis/Sambava)

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Hey guys,

Just wanted to share a pic of my very first clutch of eggs. They're from my pair of Sambava Panthers, 23 eggs, all looking pretty good as far as I can tell. She buried them pretty deep, I was losing hope for a second that I might not find them. Right now they're incubating between 68F-73F in an aquarium stand under one of my brackish-water tanks. I'll probably keep them in there until it cools down this fall, then into an incubator they'll go.

Here's the pic:

- Dave
Dude, I'm a stress case right now. I had to move them into new vermiculite because I accidentally used "Nursery Water" that has a little flouride in it. I freaked and moved them, even though it was probably fine. While moving them a couple of the rolled over and tumbled... maybe dead now? I marked them all with non-toxic markers so they don't get turned over and mixed up.

I'm cool with puting them away and waiting. The hard part for me is convincing myself that I'm not killing them!
...While moving them a couple of the rolled over and tumbled... maybe dead now?..
Howdy Dave,

Rolling over at this very early stage should not be a problem. It's only been a couple of days since they were laid. When development begins then problems happen if flipped. You're still safe :).
I'm glad there shouldn't be a problem. They're finally marked and settled away. I'm going to weigh them to make sure I'm not losing too much water through evaporation, but other than that I'm leaving them alone.

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