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Hello all,

I decided to try out Dubai roaches for my Veiled Chameleon Mylo, and I'm just looking for some pointers on keeping them. I read a care sheet on Dubia, but any info is welcomed!

I got a tub with around 8 Dubia, one of each size (the guy I got it from breeds insects for zoos etc, so he gave me a mixed tub to try out first).

They were active and healthy last night when I got them (10.30pm) and I put in some insect cereal and Kale for them. This morning however 3 had died and the rest are lethargic/on their backs? I'm getting a large tub today to keep them in (no substrate as I don't want to risk mites), any suggestions on why they are so poorly suddenly and how best to keep them?



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all i can think of is temps keep them at about 90˚ heat tape or any heating pad even the one you would use for a sore back or i.e. human heating pad i believe any major pet store has a section for reptile under cage heating mats


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What were your temps? Anything over 93 F can cause them to overheat. I like to keep them around 90 F so if the temp fluctuates a little I should still be safe

If they died that quickly (and your temps were under 93) then they were likely not a very good quality dubia. If they were adults, it's possible it was just their time. But for nymphs to die in under 12 hours of your care it's probably just the quality. Of course with only 8, you could have gotten extremely unlucky and got some ones that just weren't meant to make it.

Humidity is also an issue (50-70% preferred), but even if it was 10-20% humidity for 12 hours, that won't cause them to die off like that.

I would keep water crystals available 24/7 along with dry chow 24/7 (or add once daily, usually night-time). Add veggies/greens a few times a week.


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Thanks for the replies!

I found out the issue, and I feel TERRIBLE for it.

Prior to moving them into their new tub, the tub they came in didn't have anything for them to grip onto etc, so they were falling onto their backs and unable to grab something to "unflip" themselves :( They're all perfectly happy and healthy now with perfect temps etc
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