My first chameleon


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So I already got my cage for my first chameleon but I still need to buy all the other supplies needed. But the thing is that I don't know what exactly what to get. I'm getting a panther chameleon and I wasn't to sure if they need anything specific. I want my chameleon to be very healthy. I was hoping I can get some help on what I need for it. And a few tips on how to take well care of it. Also I'm not sure if I should get a male or a female chameleon. Help please?:confused:


A veiled or panther would be best to start with and be ready to spend around $1000 or more in vet bills, supplies, and numerous feeders. Also get a male because they tend to have more coloration and you wont have to deal with infertile clutches all the time which i hear is very difficult. I'm getting some pygmies soon to start but thats because i dont have as high of a budget and welcome to the forums, its a great community:D


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Thanks man! I think I might get it off of lllreptiles I her they have a good quality and hey are cheap to. Thank you so much for welcoming me. I have a few more questions though. How do I go about buy they food, like am I going to need because people talk about a cricket keeper and I've seen then but I just don't know how to do all that stuff. Like how do I keep the crickets alive? Oh and how many should I feel they to him an how often? I'm planning on getting a baby chameleon.


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Hello and welcome to the forum and future chameleon ownership! I would get a male chameleon. The females can lay eggs without mating, and then you have to worry about setting up a laying bin and worrying about her laying them properly. Here is a great care sheet on panthers if that is what you are going with Babies will eat a lot so I would start with like 250 small crickets. They will eat about 25 or more a day and you will have some die off also. Search the forum here on how to keep crickets. There is plenty of info.


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Most important things
1. Figure out a setup for multiple feeder insects for variety and health
2. Get proper lighting, uvb tube preferably, and heat basking lamp can use regular bulb
3. Foliage and a ton of it... live plants are better check the safe sheets. But you will want alot of foliage and vines to climb on.
4. Misting, preferably an auto mister like aquazamp or mistking. If they are out of your budget you can get by with hand misting, but misting is imperative as its how they drink.

Theres more but thats the most important off the top of my head... im sure I will think of more when I get home later :)
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