My first cham passed away last summer... debating on trying again?

andy d

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My first cham (Willy, a flap-necked chameleon) that I bought last summer ended up passing away after a couple months :(:(.

I did months of research before I bought him and care was down to the book. I didn't realize however, that when brought him home he apparently was blind in one eye. Also after a couple weeks he developed an addiction to meal worms (I'm thinking they were easier to hunt than crickets). I followed advise form LLLreptile and members on this forum and a petshop owner who has kept chams successfully to care for his eye and tried to wean him off the mealworms back to crickets. The process wasn't successful. After a couple weeks he stopped cup feeding and even refused hand feeding. He eventually refused all food (even silkworms) which led to sad times.

The whole ordeal got me doubting my care techniques, but I know that I did everything I could and followed all research/advice almost religiously. I've been debating on whether I should get another chameleon. I truly appreciated and enjoyed having one though.

Should I try again?
I say yes.

I'm sorry you lost Willy. Sadly, it's not uncommon for wild caught chameleons to have a short lifespan.

You've learned a lot so you'll be better prepared and far more knowledgeable.

You might consider buying a captive born chameleon. Check the classifieds here. Not only does that take away a fair amount of "negatives" that come with a wild caught animal, you will be able to ask questions of the breeder as your chameleon grows and/or adjusts to living with you.
Thanks, that helps me. I did see in my reading afterwards that the majority of flap-necks are WC... I'm thinking Willy was probably this. That may have added to his difficulty in care.

I am definitely considering purchasing a captive bred chameleon this time around. Although I really do like the flap-necked chams, I've been looking into possibly getting a CB panther. I love ambilobes and ambanjas! You mentioned checking out the the classifieds... any suggestions on breeders?
Sorry to hear you lost you cham, especially your first one, but I think you should try again if you feel in your heart that is what you want to do. I bought my chameleon from Kammerflage Kreations. They are located in California and they are great people to deal with. check out their website. Good luck and hopefully we will see some pics of your new chameleon one of these days in the near future!:)
i would totally say yes get another. i had the same thought when i thought i was going to loose my Camo, luckily i did not, but i do believe i will always have a cham, they are just too kool.
Hi Andy,

I say yes too! Try again.

I noticed you had flap neck, if you are interested in the more "exotic" species (meaning other then Panther or Veild) you can find some real cool CB species to work with.
A member on her Seeco sales CB Kinyongia Multituberculata or Eriksorg has CB Oustalets just to name a couple that come to mind.
Don't be afraid to think outside of the box ;)
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