My favourite pet fish store


So yesterday I went into my favourite fish store and saw that they have chams now. A few years ago they got into the reptile biz and I have never been happy :mad: with the fact that they did this being that they don't do a vary good job. They're fish are great and the workers really know what there talking about when it comes to fish. But when I went in yesterday I saw to full grown chams in the same cage and it was a class terrarium. The one was in bad shape it's eyes were swollen shut and the other one wasn't looking to hot either. This mad me vary mad :mad: . Of course I let someone know and I know they don't mean to do bad the people are really nice. There just in over there heads and I know the head of that department knows nothing cause he used to be the head of the fish department. I've asked about other lizards And they new nothing only one person could give me any real info cause he breads a lot of lizards and bps ( ball pythons ) on his own. Was in there today and nothing has been yet.
So again I told some and talked to the manager. And the owners son cause were good friends. What can I do or say to help this poor thing:(

I know this happens a lot and you can't stop it I just didn't expect it from them. Not cool at all. That being said I feel better now that I got that off my shoulders.
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