My favorite ornament


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got it as a b-day gift for my christmas tree, someone knows me well :D

It is pretty cool and looks life like (even though it was called "Panther Chameleon Ornament" and its clearly a veild)

Yes I have a fake tree.....its better for the environment :)
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:eek: That is so cool! I wanted one until I checked the listing and performed a currency conversion! 9GBP plus whatever the shipping charge on top is waaaay too much for one l'il bauble for my tree. Shame, I really wanted one.:(


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Hey i am way ahead of you guys. I bought them for a couple of my close buddy's. Luis has his, Dr Alfonso has his and Tiff's has not been mailed yet! Sorry Tiff it has been a slow time.

They really are nice.
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