My Darling boy!

Miss Lily

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Just a few pics of Tommy taken outside today. He doesn't darken in the sun, he gets really bright - the most vibrant yellows and greens! I just love him so much! He seemed to be happier outside today, but he always keeps one eye in the sky!:D





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Aw sweet Tommy out getting some Easter sun. He looks so perfect outside. Can you quit work and stay home so Tommy can go out anytime it is nice out? I think me might like that.:D

I was able to get 2 of my guys out for some sun today. Snow less that a week ago and today I put chams out for the afternoon. You gotta love Montana weather.

Tandra Lee

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oh he is SOOOO BEAUTIFUL!! :D i cant wait to take my chams outside,they are both pet store purchases and i seriously doubt either of them has ever seen the outdoors:( but now that they are in my care they will be enjoying and reaping the bennefits! im so excited for them:) i have my outdoor enclosure almost complete and the weather is getting nice FINALLY lol..its been + 15 out now and so sunny..gonna wait another week or so before letting them hang out outside:) what is an ok temp for chams to be outside? im assuming as long as it doesnt get below 60 it should be fine? want to be positive though..thanks:)
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