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hi,i have never posted a pic of my chams on here,so i hope it works,these pics are at least a mnth old,my baby veiled has changed so much since,i will have to post new ones..maybe after i do a complete cleaning as im about to do now lol,big job haha:)


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the biggest cham is my first one(first veiled,my very first cham ever was my pygmy" Baby")"MOE" the little veiled is "JOE" and my pygmy is"BABY" i so love them all sooo very much..well off i go to clean their homes..have a wonderful day everyone:)ps...i do have all live plants now..thaught i would add that lol
How funny is that, i was having a look and admiring your chams when I though, she should have some live plants. They all look good. Having the two together when they are such different sizes makes both really show up well.
adamkwas, im not too sure what kind of pygmy he is as he was another pet store purchase and they had no idea...he willl change to the most awesome moss greens and light browns then dark browns,sometimes there is only a stip of light almost white tan color and the rest of him is brown or all green,i think he is amazing in color as most of the pygmy's i have seen pretty much stay the same in color..he has the sweetest little personality too,he will readily climb onto my finger at any given time as he knows he gets to come out and bask in the sun on my shirt while i watch tv,after handling my other two veileds i sure realize how tiny he truly is! i love him to bits lol..i dont know if you read the posts one member wrote,he claimed that pygmy chams were the most pathetic and whimpy things..i was stoked after reading that comment and went and showed mine some luvs..he may be tiny but he has my whole heart:)
hi laurie,yes having the two different sizes together really does show the differences between them well...and thanks for admiring them..i do it everyday..ok in all honesty i do it all day hahaha:D do you or anyone else know what species my pygmy may be? i have'nt a clue:confused: thanks and have a wonderful evening:)
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