My Chams Health?


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I may be worrying over nothing but is the line looking like the back bone on my cham supposed to be visible? Ive been meaning to ask for a while but have been waiting for a decent pic before posting my concern!

It can show while the lizard is flexing its spine right or left while climbing etc, but should not show both sides. If its showing both sides your lizard may be losing weight.
Regular monitoring of your lizards weight gain will keep you ontop of feeding etc.
Otherwise the lizard looks healthy to me at present.
At the top of the healthy forum is a thread called 'how to ask for help' that includes info you should provide if possible so members can assess your lizard/setup and offer tips.
Please cut n paste the questions and add your answers if you can.
best wishes :)
May just be the lighting from above adding shadow to the contours, It's an adult male, Homer has pretty solid jaw musculature too, dosen't really stick out, but at an angle under the cage lighting (not strong enough to expel shadow) it can seem like that till you look close. :)

Is there a veiled health issue, other than swelling/stomitis(mouth rot) or mbd related problems that can case swelling of the jaws
that I haven't heard about?
You'll scare the carob out of him now Lol :)
your guy looks overall healthy to me. that line down his back in my eyes is pretty normal. sure you can fatten your beast up a little more and he will possibly lose that line but i wouldnt stress over it. as jojackson posted please post your care info.
I have filled in this before, but so much has changed since so im aswell re filling the answers rather than copy and paste my last one.

Chameleon Info:
Your Chameleon - Veiled/Yemen he's been in my care now for 8months
Handling - Once a week if that !
Feeding - Gutloading carrot, apple, sweet potatoe to winged locusts, treats once or twice a week with waxworms!
Supplements - Calcium on a daily basis dusting the locust, and a dusting of calcium with d3 once a month.
Watering - Misting at least 6-7 times, sometimes more or less depending on my work schedule, see him drink quite regular.
Fecal Description - Never been treated for parasites, feaces are black lumps with a white/yellow coating.
History - Within the first 3-4months of keeping my cham before i joined this forum i did use a waterfall wich was soon taken out after info off this site.

Cage Info:
Cage Type - 4ft width, 2ftf depth, 4tf height vivarium with slidding glass.
Lighting - 160watt solar glo producing both UVB and UVA
Temperature - I have both a thermometer and hygrometer only monitoring the higher level of the viv usually measuring 80therm 70hygro
Humidity - Hygrometer, sits around 70 due to hand misting until the monsoon system is released in the uk
Plants - 1x Pothos 1x Draceana
Location - Warrington, North West UK

Current Problem - Spine showing on cham!

I do only really see it when hes climbing or in the case of the picture he kind of yawns and puffs out his chin, but doesnt retract his chin for a few min hence i caught the pic the way he is, i have pics of him but no recent pics of his viv, hope these help

Your lizard is nice healthy animal, looks great! :)
If you dont use a dripper it couldnt hurt to make one until your system is avail.
Hes not dehydrated but yellowish bits in the poo mean 'a little more water please'. :)
what are the basking temps? 80* ambient temp? put the therm on the highest vine/branch under the bulb. your clearly doing a great job with the lad. these are just some suggestions: i would put some green leaf lettuce in his cage in a feeding dish or on the vines. i would also buy herptivite multivitamin and dust twice a month with it. also what jojackson covered.
what are the basking temps? 80* ambient temp? put the therm on the highest vine/branch under the bulb.

Its still reading 80, what should my ideal basking temp be?

Thanks for the help and the comments btw ;) shouldnt be to difficult to whip up a drip system, working in the aquatic trade has its advantages :)
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