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This is my chameleon Teddy, I got her from a local pet store back in April. When I got her I was told that she was a graceful chameleon but upon doing more research into species when I got her I strongly believe that she is a senegal chameleon. She is seriously the best pet I've ever had, she has the best personality. Usually the only interaction I have with her is feeding her, and misting her, I only handle her when she wants to come out of her terrarium because I fear stressing her out too much. But about 2 or 3 times a week she climbs right on my hand from whatever place she was at in her terrarium and refuses to go back into her tank without exploring my bedroom for a while. It's seriously the cutest thing I've ever seen. I spare no expense when it comes to this little girl, she gets only the best of the best since I live at home while in college and I make decent money. Back when I first got her I had to take her to the vet several times because she was sick, I believe this is because she was a wc, but after a few scary weeks and me spending hour after hour taking care of her each day with multiple showers and force feedings she began to eat on her own again and since then has almost doubled in weight (her lowest weight when she was sick was 11 grams and she is now 21). I clean her cage daily of any fecal matter which she happens to do at the bottom of her terrarium in the exact same spot, and if she is going to go that day she goes before noon so she makes it easy for me. I got all of my advice and setup information from this forum and really the only thing I don't do that is recommended right now is the varied diet, and that's not from lack of trying, she will only eat crickets with me , she will not touch mealworms, waxworms, or roaches. and right now i am gut loading the crickets with cricket crack and fresh veggies so that they are as nutritious as possible along with dusting them daily with calcium (no D3) and bi weekly with Calcium with D3 and a multivitamin.

anyway here are some pictures, the first is when she was sick and at 11 grams, her black tail is from blood work to check her kidney function, the other two are from a week ago to show her weight gain and how much healthier she is.

oh and feel free to ask any questions about her if i failed to mention something important :)


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Welcome to the forums. Teddy is adorable. I'm glad the vet and your love and care got her through the rough time and that she is doing well now.
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