My chameleon has become a bit angry

Hi! Maybe someone can add some insight. I have been handling my chameleon since I bought him home over a year ago. He came to me at about 1 yr of age. I have noticed lately that he has become testy when I handle him and puffs up as if he is threatened. This is all very new behavior for him. Thoughts? He is a Panther Chameleon.
He will crawl onto my hand and on my arm. He appears more threatened when I try to approach with my right hand. ‍♀️


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This may sound weird but the feistier my chameleon is usually the healthier and better he is feeling. I worry when he cooperates. In my experience he has been less likely to gape or hiss when he was sick or is dehydrated.
Maybe he’s actually less afraid of you- enough to speak his mind.


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Like after I treated Terry for his respiratory infection it took a couple of weeks before he turned into a little punk again and started puffing and hissing. When he started being rude again he also started hunting on his own and gained some bulk. I remember him hissing at me and I was all sentimental like “ there’s my little a.h., mummy missed you!”

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If chameleons has a spirit animal it would be an anger issues, Hot Head, short tempered, moody teenager......... or a little brother you choose :LOL:
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