My chameleon has an eye problem


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My chameleon has an eye problem too

Well she's my husband's chameleon and he usually cares for her as I am scared of crickets, go ahead and laugh at me.

Anyway we moved from Los Angeles to Portland and Tulip developed an eye problem shortly after we arrived. We scoured the internet and this thread is the closest we've found to what we're experiencing.

Her eyes are swollen, it's like there is a small ball under her skin, so it looks like two balls next to one another, one where her actualy eye is and one below.

We spent $100 taking her to the vet and on eye drops but they've made no difference. She's eating, if it's as much as usual I woulnd't know and I make sure she has water and her lights are on a timer.

The other day I was surprised to see her eyes looked back to normal a few hours later they were swollen again. This has been going on for almost a month. She has been shedding the past few days and there's just a bit left on her tail.

I don't even like her but I'm so worried about her as it seems to be a long time to have this problem.

I also despise crickets and hate feeding her. The first time I did (which was this week) a cricket got loose and between three cats and a lab, no one IN the room, no one got it until I crossed paths with it later that night. We have one of those tubes you shake but I get so scared, is there any way to guarantee I don't let any loose?

How is Camille? I've tried taken pics of Tulip but don't know how to use my new digital and can't get a good zoom on her eyes.

Thought I should add that the encounter with her eyes going back to normal only happened the one time, the overall eye problem has been going on for a month...
Is the ball in her eye socket or outside of the socket? If it is in the socket then it sounds like something is stuck in her eye. How is the humidity in her cage? Does she get showered ever? I do know that when they get something stuck in there eye they can swell like that. Proper humidity and a shower every once in awhile can help them clean their eyes. Hopefuly someone else can post some better advice.
Hello Tulips

We spent $100 taking her to the vet and on eye drops but they've made no difference.
Was the vet experienced with chameleons? What did he/she say was wrong with her? Continue to give the drops as prescribed by the vet.

Chameleons do have natural ways of cleaning their eyes. One way that I have read about and witnessed is that they seem to be able to inflate their eye. I am not sure if this is an automated response, but either way it is usually caused by a piece of dead skin or other small particle getting in their eye. This might be what you are seeing, but since it has lasted so long there is a good chance your cham has a bad eye infection.

How is the cage humidity and temperatures? Proper cage humidity and a shower once in a while can help a cham keep their eyes clean. Bacteria is a big cause of infections. A good pic could help.
You said she was shedding, maybe something happend there. Are you trying to rinse the cham eyes out. You must not pour direct water on cham, you have to shower her or mist heavly! Did the vet deterime if it was calcuim build up lumps? Or did he say why she having these lumps? Its really hard to understand what is going on with out pictures. I am sure there is experianced vet in your local vet's. Call first asking what kind of chameleons are there expertise is in. You should wait to long and hope the reason you havent replied is due to her death. Let us know!
Oregon vet

If your husband is up for the trip there is a great vet in eugene. Santa Clara Animal Hospital. Cary Bennett (I believe that's her name). She use to work at the Dallas Zoo in the Chameleon Center. Give them a try they won't over charge you. My Cham has had consistant welling in both of his eyes over 6 months as well as his veil. Haven't gotten any answeres yet. Cary was working on it but We moved to the east coast.
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