my chameleon and i are the same person, i swear...


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I'm in my upstairs office doing work, and i have my female veiled chillen on her yucca. it has been outside, and i'm a little paranoid about there being weird ass bugs on it. i'm watching her, she's looking around, and something moves on the yucca. i look, but can't see what it was. i'm looking for it, for a couple minute, then give up look, at the chameleon and she's looking in the same place i was looking. then she moves, as if after something - i get down on my hands and knees, and we are both looking into the yucca trying to figure out what it was
some people say that dog owners start to look like their dogs after a while...let's not hope that happens to you and your cham! that's a cute story :) thanks for sharing!
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