my cham and cage


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Just a couple of ideas for you, I would cover the dirt in the plants with rocks that won't fit in your chams mouth and I would add lots of sticks as high ways for him to be able to go all over the cage.


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yeah i kno i need the rocks i have them in his tree jus ran out bf i got to his not to much worried abt it sence i only cup feed him the odds of a stray crix holding dirt is slim untill tomrow bcz i alredy feed him. and for more branches im having trouble getttin them to stay up im scared thy will fall any good clean lookin ideas on how to fix tht


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Cute little veiled! Cage looks good just cover the soil as Laurie said and add a few more vines and branches.


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a cute little cham. its not just stray crickets in the soil u have to worrie about sometime chams like to eat soil and it can be harmfull to them, my little guy totally ignored it for the longest time and then one day he just started trying to eat it. i had to cover it to stop him. as far as more branchs and stuff i like the flexable biovine i think its made by exoterra it works great for adding climbing ares as well as you can wrap it around your exsiting branches to hold them in place. i would also suggest you put up your care info or How to ask for help form so members can see what your doing. enjoy the forum and it soooo adictive.

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I would place way more plants in there or a large fig or something. Give your little cham a more secure feelin' ;-). You can try to put a Schefflera in there. With tie raps you can place the branches and vines in place. You can tie them to the stems of the Schefflera for example.
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