My cage!


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Here is my cage that cost me 55 bucks to build. Its 7'x4'x3 deep. I hope everyone enjoys.
For $55 and that size. I think it's a pretty good looking cage. Also it has nice amount of foliage. I'm in the process of building a cage. I would say I spent $400 on supplies and tools by now. Oh and the best part is: I'm doing this inside my apartment. Priceless.

One more thing: It looks like you got the fiberglass screening material. If you have free roaming crix inside, check once a month if they've chewed their way through it.
Good luck with Scooter.
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i like it! thats a huge cage. i would like to build a cage that big but i dont think that it will be too big for anywhere i wanna put it. But congrts on the nice looking cage
Yeah, I messed up and kept about 250 crickets in a reptarium. In a few days i had none and a lot of holes in the thing. I feed him crickets by hand now because i dont want crickets roaming around my room at night. I let a moth in there the other night on accident and it didnt take him long to track it down.
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