My Big Man :)

He is growing up before my eyes. He is acting so tough now when he gets on his tree. he never wants to go back in his cage :) Im going to need to order a 24x24x48 soon. !
He is looking amazing and i can tell you he will only keep on getting better ! Im so happy i picked him out of all the little ones i raised.

What do you think of him ?? PS- enjoy the captions above each picture :)

A hand...?

A tail..? Who can this be?

Why. Him of course :) Hey ooo !

Um...may I help you, kind sir? - Dexter

Aren't i gorgeous? I should model ! You know you want me. :p -Dexter
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Awwww! Stefan, he's a stunning little chap! He looks all grown up now, bless him! You've done a brilliant job raising him, well done!:D
I love the first photo of his hand....that is a classic!

He is absolutely gorgeous, cant wait to see what he looks like in a few more months :)
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