My best tongue shot


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I had to post this one. I got some pics of "Dude" this morning since he was looking particularly colorful. I finally got the shot I always try for. I usually panic at the last second and get a blurry stripe where the tongue should be. This guy is coming along nicely. He is the offspring of Cpt Kirk and Bella (sire Ziggy)


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Can you hold food with one hand and shoot with the other or do you have help? It is all I can do to shoot and get a semi-decent shot, forget doing two things, pictures are a big challenge for me.:(


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These shots were all me. Auto focus is the only way to go with single handed shots. I could tell it was a good one as soon as the shutter clicked. Dude is easy to get pics from since he has no fear of the camera and hand feeds easily. His tongue stretches way farther for food than any of my other adult males.
Another amazing picture! :D It must be nice being so coordinated to feed and take pictures. I'm a gimp at it! LOL! :p Again, very nice! He's a beautiful boy!
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