My baby veiled has not eaten in 2 days


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Hi, i recently just got a 3-4 month old baby veiled chameleon. Ever since I got him he would always eat a lot of food, now he won't eat. It's also getting me worried because he is getting super thin. I try to feed him wax worms but he just doesnt eat them. I mean i could put it on his head and he won't notice. I just need some advice on how he will eat again. Because this is my first chameleon, (ive have other reptiles). I just want him to be happy. So someone please help me, thanks.


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Chameleon Info:
Your Chameleon - Veiled Chameleon about 3-5 months old.
Handling - I handle him every other day
Feeding - He at 1 big cricket today dusted in calcium
Supplements - Calcium daily, muliviatamins twice a month and calcium with D3 twice a month
Watering - I mist him.
Fecal Description - Black with white at the end
History - From Petsmart ( I had to get him just because he was in the smallest cage ever)

Cage Info:
Cage Type - Screen. its 18 x 18 x 30
Lighting - Basking bulb and UVA/UVB lighting
Temperature - 84 is his basking temp and 77 is ambient
Humidity - 50-65%
Plants - 2 ficus plants with some fake leaves
Placement - Ficus plants are at the bottom and go all the way up, fake stuff is also on top
Location: In my room

Current Problem


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I think i have seen him yawn 1 time. I mean It's not that he hasnt been eating, like today he only ate 1 cricket but the cricket was very big. I used to feed him crickets more than half the size i fed him today. I also am tried to get him to eat wax worms to get him bigger but he doesnt care for them.


what diferent varieties of food are you giving him?rule of thumb is only give him feeders the same size of width betweeen their eyes. and a variety of different food items.has he been to the vet to be checked for parasites?


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What does yawning and a body shake mean my male does it in the morning and his appitite is very small. So what does this mean? Parasites??
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