my baby chameleon is yellow!!!!!!


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Help my baby veiled chameleon is yellow, she is about 1-2 months old and this has never happened, she is also shedding? Can anyone help plzz also we do put a calcium powdered on her crickets and also have a75 watt uv bulb


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At about 2 or 3 months veiled will sometimes get a mild color hue change. There is such a thing as a high yellow, or a high turquoise. Its kind of like a morph... anyways, to the point. Pics or it didn't happen! Lemme see some pics buddy.


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you say 75 watt uv bulb. Is is a uvb bulb? You need both a basking bulb (uva) and a separate uvb bulb. This is very important for your chameleon to survive.
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