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I have repti calcium without d3 I use to dust each feeding

and I have reptivite reptile vitamins with d3 Im going to use twice a month

does that mean I don't need calcium with d3 twice a month??

The recommendation for Jackson's chameleons other than using plain calcium most often, is to only use calcium with D3 1x a month and only use a multivitamin 1x a month, so I would use the multivitamin with D3 1x a month. It already contains calcium, so it should be good as a substitute for the 1x a month D3 with calcium.

Jackson's are known to develop problems when oversupplemented--usually visible as gular edema which is merely a symptom of internal problems.

Remember, chameleon nutrition is not yet an exact science and the best way to ensure your cham's receiving enough nutrients is with a variety of well-fed feeders and the multivitamin plus D3 then act as a bit of insurance to prevent deficiencies.
Both of my chameleons are veiled chameleons so the muti vitamin twice a month then

Haha--looks like I've got Jackson's on my mind constantly. :)

Yes, your multivitamins should be given 2x a month for non-montane chams like your Veiled chams.

Here is a forum caresheet with good info on feeders and gutloading:

Veiled chams are known to enjoy greens and it would help save your plants if they are offered some nutrious greens daily.
The caresheets states:
"Some chameleons, most notably veileds, may occasionally eat vegetation in addition to insects. That is why it's very important to keep only non-toxic plants in chameleon cages. The same vegetables used for gutloading can also be offered to your veiled chameleon to snack on. Leafy greens, sliced vegetables and fruit, and berries can all be attached to cage furnishings with a clip or placed in a feeding cup for easy feeding."

Hopefully, some veiled owners will add their thoughts about umbrella plants and Veiled chams.
You might also be able to find some more info by searching past posts.
If not, a new thread might generate more replies.
Here is what I have found about umbrella plants--which can refer to more than one plant, so you'll need to determine which one it is:

Schefflera arboricola is one plant that is commonly called an umbrella plant but there are also others, such as Schefflera actinophylla which is considered too toxic for use with chams.

Here is a page with pictures of the latter:

The forum plant list notes that because Veiled chams eat lots of greens, caution should be used with Schefflera arboricola.

Here is that page:

There is plenty more gutloading info on the forum but sometimes it can be difficult to locate, so I've added a few links for you.

This one and the next are written by a veterinarian who keeps chams herself:

This one is written by a respected forum member who has successfully kept chams for a number of years:
and here is a short video of her hand feeding after only 2 months she no longer hides or scares it great sometimes when I open her cage she rushes out to come be me then goes for her tree lol
click on picture
and one more pic showing my tanks I have the male on the left my ball python in the middle and the female on the right next to the tree I will upgrade there tanks when they get big enough
and one more pic showing my tanks I have the male on the left my ball python in the middle and the female on the right next to the tree I will upgrade there tanks when they get big enough

Don't they get stressed at the sight of the python, being that it could be a potential predator?

Nice setups by the way... I love the pathway to the ficus :)
that snake never comes out but at night time and its night heat light is so dim they would never see it
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