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Hey guys,

Today ive been busy setting up murph's new home, she's got a 100g flex with 2 live plants, hisbiscus and a umbrella tree, both have been cleaned and repotted in non anti cham soil reading for egg laying, pots are 10" diamater with 8" depth. What i need some help with is lighting. Im going to get 2 strip lights one across the top and one going down the back, these are gonna be reptiglow for uvb, this sound right? but what im concerned about is the hot/basking spot. Ive already got a habistat dimming thermastat to keep the new lamp running at a nice temp, im just stuck on best place to position the new lamp. Im not gonna move murph untill ive got this new set up running right. any advice would be much apreciated,
Thanks jamie & murph

ive enclosed some thumbnails so u can c the set up


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its looking good...

I don't think you need a second UVB light down the back. Your cham may not be able to escape the UVB if it has had enough.

The basking light would be best set on top of the cage to one side. Be sure to elevate it a few inches from the cage fabric. I think a dimmer is not neccessary. You can use regular household incandescents and switch them to find which wattage gives the desired basking temp.

Also , keep in mind that just because you provide an egg laying site, doesn't mean your cham will automatically use it. If the cage is in a high traffic area and the cham perceives that the plants are too public, it may not lay in them.

Otherwise, you are doing a great job
Very nice set up you might want to put a few bending vines around because i know that my cham loves to use them as a kind of highway
Right guys, got her cage set up and running, ive used a reptiglow 5 tube lamp, with a 100w basking lamp also reptiglow. temperatures are at basking 89, and in the cooler area 78, humitidy is average 55-60 but will drop below 40 at times. just getting used to full mesh flex think it would be wise to get a humidifier to keep it at 50+ humitidy all day?. ive enclosed some pics of the set up now with murp ;), hope u think all is ok,

Jamie & murph


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