Mowgli's First Outdoor Adventure

So the weather FINALLY warmed up enough for us to take Mowgli outside! We seemed very hesitant... I figured he'd take off considering he's always trying to bust out of his cage, but he was pretty sedentary. So here's some pictures of the experience!

I knew it was time to take him out because he was trying to karate kick through my window screen when I was outside taking some pictures of turkeys in my backyard:[email protected]/13863450184/in/photostream/

We usually let him hang out around the window because it gives him some real sun (as opposed to UVB). When I took him outside and put him on the budding lilacs in the yard he kind of just sat there and showed a dark unique color pattern we haven't seen him do before:[email protected]/13863105453/in/photostream/

When we brought him back in, though, he brightened right up:[email protected]/13863076365/in/photostream/[email protected]/13863073445/in/photostream/
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