1. AdventuringChameleon

    Mowgli's First Outdoor Adventure

    So the weather FINALLY warmed up enough for us to take Mowgli outside! We seemed very hesitant... I figured he'd take off considering he's always trying to bust out of his cage, but he was pretty sedentary. So here's some pictures of the experience! I knew it was time to take him out because...
  2. Echoezra

    Outside on not sunny days?

    Wondering do you think it's beneficial to take them outside on days that aren't so sunny? Still warm enough but maybe cloudy or even rainy? I mean there may be moments of sun peeking through here and there, and if it does sprinkle or rain, any problem having the sky do it instead of me, lol...
  3. Echoezra

    Minimum temp for outdoor real sun basking

    So, just starting to see some real sun trying to peek out at us the last few days and getting anxious for the good weather to hurry up and get here. In anticipation for sharing some rays with my new chameleons someday hopefully not too far away from now - wondering what minimum temp to be...
  4. kmb89

    Melleri sunning (pic heavy again!)

    Helios gets 30 mins in the Arizona sun this morning, any more and he'd be toasted! :eek::D [edit] Such a beauty. The one where he's in the tree is my favorite:cool:
  5. Beautiful Ambilobe!

    Beautiful Ambilobe!

    B.A. enjoying the sun.
  6. Sunlight


    This is my little girl Glitch, soaking up the sun outside on a gorgeous day.
  7. Summer


    loves the sun
  8. Little Blossom

    Little Blossom

    April 2010 Gizzy sun bathing
  9. Little Blossom

    Little Blossom

    April 2010 Gizzy sun bathing
  10. Orange Sun

    Orange Sun

    Posing for his first shoot.
  11. Rocky Vieled Chemeleon

    Rocky Vieled Chemeleon

    rocky dark soakin up da sun
  12. Sunshine


  13. Hanging out on the porch

    Hanging out on the porch

    Herbie after a good shed at 9 months old. He loves that sun.
  14. Lay'n in the sun

    Lay'n in the sun

    Vicky is enjoying her heat lamp.
  15. Enjoying the sun

    Enjoying the sun

  16. emiglio


    catching some all natural rays!
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