1. Dbash44

    Cheap Outdoor Enclosure Success and Directions!

    Through different research and through topics found on chameleon forums, I was able to put together my own rendition of an outdoor cham enclosure. In no way am I claiming rights to this, I just want to give back to that which has given me so much knowledge. I am not responsible for any injuries...
  2. C

    Greenhouse for breeding project questions!

    I was wondering if anyone had any advice on green houses for chams! Im based out of los angeles and want to house about 40 chams in a green house for all obvious reasons! Natural sunlight, more room, fresh air and the jacksons can roam free! I have some blue prints for a basic green house but...
  3. AdventuringChameleon

    Mowgli's First Outdoor Adventure

    So the weather FINALLY warmed up enough for us to take Mowgli outside! We seemed very hesitant... I figured he'd take off considering he's always trying to bust out of his cage, but he was pretty sedentary. So here's some pictures of the experience! I knew it was time to take him out because...
  4. melble68

    Supplements: indoor vs. outdoor

    What kind of a typical supplement regiment should I be using for a juvi male nosy be for the cooler months where he'll be inside vs. the warmer months where my outdoor enclosure will get used? I'm in Tampa, and I'm expecting / hoping for him to be housed outdoors for probably 3/4's of the year...
  5. deadhd5

    Attaching Screen - Custom Enclosure

    Hello everyone! I am planning on building an outdoor enclouse 6'w x 3'd x 6'h (MOC, lol), divided up into 4 18"x36"x72" luxury apartments :) The goal here is to keep my chameleons outside full time for as long as the weather permits here in Cincinnati (hoping 6 months out of the year). I...
  6. golf33

    Part time cage have to be full size?

    Hello, I live in Southern California and I have a 3 month old male veiled currently in a 20"x18"x18" and he is getting ready to move up in cage size. I have an awesome 6'x3'x3' outdoor setup for him as well. After he is about a year old, I plan to move him permanently outdoors. However, I will...
  7. SamW

    Taking Veiled Outside

    Today is really nice out and fairly warm. I decided to take my guy outside to get some natural rays and he kind of freaked out. He got kind of low and his shape changed to a slightly abnormal figure. He also became very brown. I feel as if it may have been a natural reaction to receiving so much...
  8. Seeco

    My Methods Part 3 Outdoor Caging

    I like to do things my own way. The result is often failure, but sometimes I come up with some interesting innovations. I'll be posting a few threads of some things I have slapped together. Instead of explanatory captions I'll just answer any questions you ask. The closer you look the more you...
  9. Echoezra

    Minimum temp for outdoor real sun basking

    So, just starting to see some real sun trying to peek out at us the last few days and getting anxious for the good weather to hurry up and get here. In anticipation for sharing some rays with my new chameleons someday hopefully not too far away from now - wondering what minimum temp to be...
  10. Seeco

    Chameleon Stop Drop And Roll Instinct

    Here are some photos of a chameleon instinctively dropping from a height and rolling into a ball and burrowing into the grass. In response to this thread: https://www.chameleonforums.com/kinyongia-oxyrhina-uthmoelleri-55609/ This guy does it every time, even though he is nearly adult size now...
  11. Seeco

    Are my females getting too fat? Kinyongia multituberculata

    The answer might be yes but I think they are beautiful and here is why: Sorry, no clever captions this time (https://www.chameleonforums.com/hey-get-away-me-giant-outdoor-photos-3-sisters-53550/). These are my future breeders. they will be the moms of all my clutches from now on.
  12. Owner of Spanky

    Exo Terra outdoor cage

    I just bought one of those Exo Terra pop up screen cages. I bought the smallest one because spanky is only about 2" from snout to vent. I filled it with fake hanging plants. Is there anything else I need?
  13. Marley's Outdoor Adventure!

    Marley's Outdoor Adventure!

    Marley playing on my tomato plant!
  14. Three Tones!!!

    Three Tones!!!

  15. Here's Look'n At You

    Here's Look'n At You

    1st week with our new veiled
  16. Bennie B's Day Out

    Bennie B's Day Out

    juv. male veiled in the sun
  17. Pantero


    Hanging outdoors.
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