most amazing pic i have ever taken

Jay Sick

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Seeing this was unreal the female is usually a beast and the male Edgar is a just as bad but after a day of mating they decided to cuddle tonight. I have no words.

Please do not comment and say the male looks dehydrated this is how he has looked since day one he eats and drinks like a champ and has looked like this since we got him his translucent and pie ball and hyper mellanistic morph make him look this way i don't know why.


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That is the most unusually colored male veiled I have ever seen. I would love to see a shot of him awake, but they do look sweet sleeping like that.
As for dehydrated, you are the one who see's his poop, you are in a much better place to know. Just seeing him for the first time, that would have been my first thought but I can always be wrong, yet again.

Jay Sick

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here he is Sir Edgar Allen Poe in all his absurd glory


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Jay Sick

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lol yous should see the first clutch of eggs she laid when i first got her from a show and how big she was no exaggeration her eggs were the size of superballs i will take pics they are incubating they are not from edgar though i have no idea who they are from but i know they are fertile her second clutch was from edgar and those came out normal size.


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Crazy trans right there.

I would submit that cuddling photo honestly in the next photo contest if there isn't a theme.
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