Mosquitoes In My Enclosure


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Has anyone else ever experienced this? In the past couple days I have killed 5 full grown mosquitoes in my room (which is where Petrie's cage is). I have figured out that mosquitoes can still grow even from the smallest amount of resting water. I am at a loss for how to eliminate this problem since I have to keep his humidity up.

Any tips or suggestions?

Cage Info:
  • Cage Type - I got the reptibreeze chameleon kit. I have a medium size screen cage 16x16x30”
  • Temperature - The top of the cage is at 85-95 degrees Fahrenheit and the bottom of the cage is usually 72-76 degrees Fahrenheit.
  • Humidity - humidity usually hangs around 65.
  • Plants - I have fake plants and some real plants, including a Hibiscus tree and pothos vines
  • Location - I am located in Fort Worth, TX. We just hit a cold front so we’ve been down in the 30's.


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A thin film of mineral oil is usually enough to stop them from emerging. If they are hatching out of your drainage system you can put the mineral oil in that. I would hesitate to use it inside a cage but it is very safe.
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