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Everyones gonna think im crazy with all these questions but here it goes! In the morning when you first wake your chameleon, do you feed first then mist, or mist then feed? is there one thats better than the other? im not sure if this is a stupid question but i thought there might be some affect of one to the other. and how long after you wake them do you feed and mist them?
Wake -> Mist -> Feed

The misting in the morning would simulate morning fog and dew that may occur in some of the seasons of some of the chameleon species habitat.

Secondly, if there is left over free ranging crickets while there is mist, they often drown, where as if you mist first, the feeders can usually avoid being flooded.
I get up for work at about 6:15AM and get ready for the day. The cham lights come on at about 6:30 and then they are up. I mist them and eyeball them for a few min just to make sure everything is cool, then I get some food, dust it with the days dust and toss them in the cage as I jet to the other side of town; oh and fill the drippers. When I come home I mist them again and maybe give them a few more bugs. And I usually mist them another time before the lights go off. Its hot and dry here, but when my humidifier comes this week they will be alot more happy me thinks, it should help cool them down a good bit.
-I mist first because the water drys up quick and because if you mist after feeding the dust on the bugs will get washed off.
yea im going ti be starting to work at that time everyday too. that sounds like a good schedule to go by. I don't have that much trouble with humidity, i live in canada near toronto, so the humidity is around 50 anyway:) usually after a good misting the % goes to around 70, and never drops past 50% that is unless my hygrometers are wrong:eek:
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