morning glory plant ?


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does anyone know if morning glory is safe for chams? i know its an annual
but is cheap and grows really fast with cool flowers of many colours.
From Melissa Kaplan's site (generally regarded as the first word in reptile plant toxicology... Harmful Plants):

MORNING GLORIES (Ipomea spp.); entire plant; plant contains LSD-related hallucinogens; may contain toxic levels of nitrates.
back in the '60's we used to get high from the seeds :eek: :eek: :eek: :eek: :D

Just so no one gets any ideas most manufactures do lace morning glory and hawaiin rosewood seeds with posion. You will become quite ill after ingesting them directly. Sad part is the wood alcohol still makes them safe for LSD purposes.
ive grown them before do they got purple flowers and they get seed pods n drop black seeds?
that's them, they grow like vines and come in all colors, some open at night only and some during the day.
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