more bearded pygmy chameleons !


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i just ordered two more bearded pygmy chameleons a male and another female. after the male died last week :( my female looks absolutly depressed! so hopefully shell be happy with her new friends :D
Yay for more pygmys!! Make sure you don't just throw everyone together should quarantine your new arrivals separately for at least 30 days before introducing them to your lonely female. As wc specimens from unknown origins you don't want to inadvertently put unhealthy animals in with your healthy one and unknowingly give her a disease. They can look healthy at first but stress can exacerbate underlying issues like parasites or viruses. It's tough waiting on quarantine, but could circumvent some bad outcomes! Can't wait to see the new recruits! :)
i have an old terrarium that i plan on using its a smaller one that i had before i got the 18x18x18 terrarium its all set up im just waiting for tomorrow :)
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