Money Tree Sickness...


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Ugh, hurt my foot and was bed rested for a week. During the week my fiance but a money tree in my poor baby girls cage. She's a two month veiled and was super healthy. Ate like a champ, fully dehydrated and full of life. But that plant got her some sick. Deydrated, sunken eyes, no eating, easily bruised, pooping blood and sores from where she has been pooping. I'm devasted. I'm keeping her hydrated and hoping that it passes, seems to be a gastriel issue as of now. Any other similar stories ? Would LOVE to hear turn arounds.
Also I officially banned my fiance from having anything to do with my chameleons now.. And I've also claimed them as mine only
I wouldn't be so quick to blame the money tree itself. I have used them in several set ups without issue.

Was the tree thoroughly washed a few times before it was put in the enclosure? It could be pesticides that are doing that to her.
She had passed :(... We only got her a few weeks ago and she had a shitty set up at the store. So whoes to say what exactly happened. Husbandry was right. Our other male is doing fantastic !
Aw I'm so sorry to hear that. :( Poor little girl.

On a side note, unless she was actually eating the plant's leaves I do not think it was the plant. Just being in the same cage shouldn't cause any problems by itself.
We see tiny bite marks on the leaves. She was so small its hard to decifer a little cham nibble to a feed lunch. We've only had her three weeks and she was in a pretty crappy environment at the petstore. Glass, no ventalation, on the floor by everyones feet in a dirty tank .. So I'm allowing myself to accept that she was most likely ill when we got her.
I've had a money tree in with my Jackson's for over a year. No issues.

I do however wipe down each individual leaf when I buy a plant from a store, it's the only way to ensure no chemicals are tagging along
We had it clean. We found out the store lost a few themselves due to sickness , so chances are we got a sick little gal to begin with.
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