Mold or fungi in cage? help! pics!


Hello I recently found what looks like mold or something unusual in my Teranium! Its on a wood log I have inside, I've only had the log in for about a week and a half. I keep the humidity at 50-90%, and temp 60-80degrees depending on times of the day. I house Pygmy Chameleons, they are currently not in the Terranium until I know its safe. I have some moss I picked up from the pet store on the bottom of the Terranium, which is growing quiet nice, I also have some live tropical house plants inside which can be seen in photos.

Does anyone know what the stuff is on the wood? Also if it will cause harm to pygmy chameleons? Thanks!


the suspect!


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I don't have pygmies, but I understand what you're finding. Unfortunately those conditions and just about perfect for certain types of fungal growth. Is it a health risk? Maybe not, but why risk it. I have a gorgeous blasted grape vine (which turns out was a dumb decision) that is a perfect medium for at least three types of fungus... I scrub it down and toss it in the oven for about thirty minutes once a month. That seems to work really well for me, so you might give that a try if you want to keep those particular pieces.
If there is a pic of the mushroom it produces I can ID it for you, most wood lovers are harmless and even cancer fighters and immune boosters!
That seems to be fungus and you can scrub it out with some solution. And maintain the temperatures properly as the moisture causes mold and fungus to grow.
There was a thread on fungus and things a while ago...cant find it now though...probably because Im too lazy to look, haha. Anyways, just pull out the fungus affected area and scrub away. Easy, can be done in like 10 min. and would probably solve the issue for a while. The humid conditions that pygmies need is perfect for fungi. Just clean it out and remember, better safe than sorry. I think most other herp-keepers clean house 2-4 times per month. I do it about 3 times a month to maintain a clean looking habitat.
Is that the bottom of that huge log? If you found a dead log and put it in there and there is now white on the outside no amount of scrubbing will kill that fungi, that log was allready colonizing for a year+ and will be fully inoculated. I collect and grow mushrooms!!
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