mitsio baby pics!!!


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heres a couple pics of one of my Mitsio boys that just hatched within the last 2weeks so he is 1-2 weeks old and already looking really good! hope you like ill try for the other 5 later today as there are 8 eggs in this clutch and 6 have hatched.:)


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Already showing some nice orange. Glad I was there to see the start of the hatchout, simply amazing. Hope your FF cultures are going good for the tiny buggers.
lmao actually they ate em dry already! the crickets I hatched and all my baby silks are almost gone too! lol. but the ff cultures will blow up again tomorrow or the next day!
I have Mitsio faly nosy be and veiled babies plus my bearies just started hatching and my water dragon just started laying aswell.:D:D
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