Mitis babies hatching and some older siblings


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well, mitis' eggs finally started hatching by the dozen in the past few days. i had 3 males hatch a few months ago and they're showing a lot of color now. enjoy these pics. :)


2.5 month old male

3 month old male

3 month old male
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look at the size difference of the 3 mo old males,omg, what are feeding him,miracle grow???lol
lol. it's amazing how fast these animals double, triple, quadruple their size. nothing special over here except some TLC for all these babies. :)
my panther is 3 mo old and your llittle guy is huge compared to mine,lol.

I think a lot has to do with the fact that these three males were in a cage by themselves from the moment they hatched. They never had to fight for food and had a whole cage and all the food they wanted to eat.
They look AWESOME Sang!! I have learned with quite a few of my panthers, if you set your cage up so they can HUNT they will eat like horses!! They love the hunt!! I use heavy fake styrofoam rocks with a few holes drilled big enough for the crickets to get in and out of and my chams will just sit there and wait for them to go in and out and they snatch em up!!:p
thx everyone! i let all my chams hunt their food and it gives them great exercise. i go through A LOT of ff cultures and tens of thousands of crickets a month.
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