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Trying to set up a MistKing, and it's not as easy as everyone says. Anyway, I've done the bucket part, and bought an indoor/outdoor extension.,yes, it's going to be outside, but there probably won't be any rain until January!
Now, I'm supposed to drill a hole somewhere on the cage I think. Where have other folk done that? On the roof backside edge, or side screen top back edge? Just enquiring, as I can't change my mind once it's done!

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You want it in a place that will give the most coverage. In my cage I put 2 nozzles on the top of the cage and I can get about 95% of the cage. The only part that does not get any is the basking spot as they do need to be able to get away from it if they want to.

But it is really up to you where you want to put it.


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mine is at the top right corner and is perfect..it actually came already built in with the cage i bought from the breeder.
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