Mistking help! Won’t spray

Hillary anne

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I’ve had a mistking for a month now and it’s worked great. However it has stopped pumping water, you can hear the mechanisms in the mistking itself working from the pump but I’m not getting any water. I fear it’d because I let it run dry for half a day before noticing the waterline was below the resivore. I am unsure how how to prime the pump or get t flowing again. .


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Mistkings are built to be run dry, it one of the things that make them the best!

Refill resovior, ensure it’s above pump.

Disconnect hose at pump and let water drain out of the resovior. Once all air is out of the line, cover the tip of the line with your finger.

Reconnect the now primed line to the pump while allowing the water to stay flowing until the line is seated in pump.

Start pump.

Bam, fixed!


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Glad you got it working again. I'm the same way, which is why I got a clear see through reservoir for my water. I even went as far as making marks with a sharpie to show how many gallons are left until the water surface reaches the bulkhead.
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