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Okay I need ideas on an inexpensive misting system for my Senegal Chameleon, one a 13 yr old has brains enough to set up. I am told I'm pretty "smart" or something usually, and can figure things out, think you can help? I mostly need inexpensive.


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I just set up the mistking starter kit. Not hard at all, plenty of pictures on their website. DO IT.


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$99 is 10 hours of babysitting the hyper kid next door. Any ACTUALLY cheap parts I can buy that I can set up? As in examples from local stores.


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i heard of somebody who had an old water pump that just hooked that up to a mist spray nozel that you can get at almost any pet store


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Zoo med fogger, i have used them for over 3 years, and they are perfect, adjustable/flexible tubing, constant fogging at many different settings..in m y 8 years i have never crossed a better fogger..i use them for my my 2 panthers. 2 veilds, and two parsons, have never had any trouble.. they are the shit bro:cool::cool:


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I just got a cool dual ultrasonic humidifier at Walgreens for $69 bucks. Its ultrasonic (no noise, efficient), has 2 tanks, and 2 vents that can be turned any direction. The vents can also be removed if you want to get some cheap tubing, and many hardware stores have timers for about $5. I actually have not tested it yet on my chameleons (getting them in a week), so it has yet to be tested; but it did get my hand wet after holding in front of a vent for about 30 seconds. Hope this helps!


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or talk to chad at tiki-tiki reptiles
from lllreptiles.com
save a nother 40 bucks to get a better system
but for now i would use a hair spary bottle that never been used
or b make a dripper and put a pan on bottom of cage so chameleon can get a drink
or c do both water dripper and sparyer
or d zoo med foger there cheap there like 50 bucks 60 buck tops at petsmart
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