misting or humidifying?....


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I'm in the process of putting together a setup that's 24x24x48 all screen enclosure for my panther. Now, if the cage is completely ventilated it seems to me that the humidifier would be nullified due to the screen on all sides. If I needed to increase the humidity inside the cage should I use a misting system or, should I attempt a humidifier?

now, here's a really weird question: Does misting accomplish the same effect as a humidifier?
i just use a mister in mine. the combination of misting and real live plants help the cage stay humid. i don't see the need for a humidifier if you're misting regularly throughout the day.
It's really just about how much you are willing to invest. If you aren't willing to buy 100 misting system (which is TOTALLY worth it) then a humidifier will work. You can take a plastic shower curtain and cut it to the size of 2-3 sides and fasten it to the enclosure with fish line or zip ties. That will hold a lot of the moisture and you will still have great ventilation.

However if you keep more than one chameleon a mistking system is surely the way to go
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