Mister timer, what are your settings?


Recently installed a MistKing, but had to set timer and then work for two days of 12 hour shifts,,so I don't know if I even set it right! But, it's been so bloody hot here I had to try. So, I set it for 2 or 3 minutes every 2 hours starting at 7 and ending at 5 p.m. Piko goes to bed at precisely 6:45 p.m!
Curious as to what other folk set their timers to. As the weather cools, I will probably back down on the frequency.
I did have a hard time understanding the timer instructions, and I'm not a stupid person I don't think, but the whole 'set hour, minute, week to end second interval' had me going...What?
Anyway, hopefully, Piko has been kept nice and moist today. I get to see how the timer thing works tomorrow...

AM845: 1min
AM900: 2min
AM1145: 2min
PM200: 2min
PM500: 2min

drys out plenty between mistings and goes long enough for my panther to drink and soak a bit if he wants.
You need to confirm what type of Chameleon you have, but if it is a Veiled or Panther your goal is to get a good soaking. Many times, it will take a few minutes of 'rain' to stimulate them to start drinking.

For my panthers they get misted twice a day for 10 minutes each time. they drink well and have no issues.

Again, depending on your type of Cham, you are not trying to replicate a rain forest, just provide them opportunities to drink.

If you have a different type, please let us know.
Sorry, forgot to mention that my cham is a Jackson's,,and she lives outside, hence the concern about the temperature. That's why I have the mister going so often. There's also plenty of shade! I also have a dripper going and her urates are jice and white. Temperatures coming down on Sunday, thank heaven, as I can't stand it.
My dubias, who are also,outside underneath the cage in a Rubbermaid box, are probably loving it all!
From what I understand, jacksons like it a little more on the humid side. It also depends on the climate though. I do ten minutes every other hour from seven to seven, which works for me, but I'm in a really dry area. You kind of just have to play with it and see
For my Sambava Panther i have the mist king set for the following:

8am - 5m
10:30 - 3 min
1:30 - 3m
4:30 - 5m
6:30 -3m

This lets the cage dry out between sprays, and gets a short spray a few hours before lights out. Also keeps humidity up above 55-60% at most times.

Seems to be working for me, hope this helps.
Thanks everyone. It's pretty humid here at the moment, so I've kept the misting sessions short but frequent to help with the high temps more than anything. I'm going to watch this morning, just to see how it's working out, then readjust if the cage seems to be staying'soggy'.
Piko seems quite happy this morning, charging about eating all the crickets I put out. I hope my dubias arrive today, as I've nothing else to give her to eat. She just doesn't seem interested in the worms, but I keep trying.
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