Mist King tubing sprung a leak


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Well I had not been paying attention the past couple of days. I noticed that the bottom half of my screen cage was wetter then usual so I decided to watch my first mist cycle this morning. Low and behold, one of my tubes was spraying me in the face. This kills me since I have to shut down my misting system for the day. I let the mister go extra long this morning but I can't have the water going all over the place throughout the day because it will probably get into my electrical.

So after some research, I'm safe to assume that 1/4 inch tubing from a Home Depot or Lowe's should be sufficient to replace that tube? Any recommendations would be helpful.
I had the same thing happen to me only it sprung a leak right next to the misting nozzle. The water spraying from the leak then hit my basking bulb which then more or less exploded from the rapid temperature change... Luckily my cham wasn't harmed in any way, it just scared the crud out of us lol.

To answer your question, yes 1/4" drip line from a Lowe's or Home Depot will work with the Mistking setup (that's what I use). I would however be sure to get the harder plastic type tubing as the softer rubbery feeling tubing won't hold up to the line pressure as well...
I tried to use aquarium tubing once for a couple days while I waited on a shipment of mistking tubing and I had a small disaster. My carpet got soaked, and stunk up the place for a few days... There is still a significant stain on the section where the water leaked.

You can find great tubing at a big box hardware store, something I wish I knew when I foolishly tried the aquarium tubing. Here is an example of what you should look for:

You mean the tube itself split?

Or it was leaking from the connection?

You might make sure that the line is pushed in all the way, it can take some force.

The line that deadhd5 posted works great, and its cheap.
I believe he's saying the tubing itself split apart/ruptured since that's what happened on mine as well. It's not that surprising though since the tubing is only rated for 25-70 psi depending on the brand (based off the manufacturers specs listed on the Home Depot website) and the standard Mistking pumps have a maximum output of 125 psi (from the specs on the Mistking website). The tubing sold on the Mistking webiste says it's rated for 250 psi but it's also $0.35/foot (or about 7x as much as the stuff at hardware stores)... I've only ever had the one failure and it was easy to fix with cheap tubing from Home Depot and I haven't had any problems since then.
Yeah the tubing split. Thanks for the input. I will be making a trip to the store today. Unfortunately, the Cham gets one day of low humidity. At least he got a good drink this morning. By the time I get it repaired today, it will be lights out.
AquaZamp Tubing is rated for 250PSI and is UV resistant. If you want to get some tubing from me, just pay the shipping and i'll send you a coil. How much do you need?

Kevin Zamp
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