Meller's Laying Eggs Picture!

FL Chams

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Today we had a Meller's female laying eggs so I thought I'd snap a quick pic and share it with you all. Notice her left eye looking at me.

Hope all is well with everyone!

thats very cool i love these chameleons but i dont have the space or experience to take care of one.
The final count was 72 Eggs layed. They are all white and look good. The eggs aren't too soft seem to be just right.
JESUS CHRIST 72 Eggs???? Oh My god..........oh BTW...Mike......theose blue eyes u sold me........ two of the egges just hatched this afternoon... they are so cute!!!
The final count was 72 Eggs layed...

Since we all know how important it is that you: "Don't keep all of your eggs in one basket." I think you'll need to send me a few eggs right away :D.

I think I'm suffering from the "Empty Nest Syndrome" since the last panther hatched :( :).
All the eggs in the picture look fertile! Lucky you!

I hope they all hatch for you! Meller's babies are awesome!
72 eggs!!! She probably feels abfab after unloading that cargo. Good luck with them Mike.

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