Mellers chameleon.

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Bosch, Mar 8, 2018.

  1. Bosch

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    Hi Guys n Gals! Had a long break from keeping chameleons on a big scale as house renovations took over but two weeks ago i managed to pick up a wild caught Mellers and im very happy with him/her so far..Its been over 10 years since i bought my last wild caught mellers and im noticing very a different character to last one. Seems to not really be moving around as much as my last one and spends most of the day basking. Doesnt seem to want to move too far for prey items but is eating them up when i put them near him. Drinking observed twice a day on long mistings and some light mist during the day when i go up to feed. (I work from home so i am perhaps visiting him too often ?) He is in a 3.5 x 2.5 x 6.5 enclosure in a safe room that i often leave the door off just to see at this stage...My last one had a whole 3 meter squarer room to himself with lots of trees and pothos everywhere but its not possible this time so ill see how he goes and maybe construct a corner of the room free range at some point. Temps and humidity seem so be fine. Not showing too much stress coloration and when I have removed him from the cage twice so far to clean he has been very quick on his feet ! good grip and everything seems mobile and working correctly. Just concerned about the whole sitting still most of the day thing and other than that ill just keep an eye on him i suppose..Any comments would be great cheers folks! 20180222_104846.jpg 20180223_195447.jpg 20180222_110259.jpg

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  2. kinyonga

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    Maybe it's the opposite sex to your last one? Each chameleon is different so it might just be that. Could be a number of things...just keep an eye on him/her. Condition doesn't look bad for a WC! Little thin maybe. Will you test for parasites?
    What basking temperature do you have?
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  3. CJ's Exotics

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    He looks pretty good for a WC. His back leg looks a bit swollen though.
  4. Mawtyplant

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    I 100% agree with this, this look like the typical female behaviour (females are.. boring.. sleeping at the same spot every day 355 day a year, basking at the same place, doing the same things every day.. :p and no moving around)

    So is your last one was a male?
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  5. kinyonga

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    If it is a female then you will need a lay bin for it in the cage.... BTW.
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  6. Bosch

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    Thanks guys thats great ill just keep an eye on how he/she gets on..I have provided a site for her to lay if the time comes !
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  7. CJ's Exotics

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    If she is wild caught, she might already be gravid BTW.

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