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Hello, today I get my wc melleri chameleons, please can you avice what to do , for them to be in the best condition? They were in chameleon farm before they took care of them over there allegedly give them antiparasites. Please the cage in inches 24,24,48 . vivariumis ok? probably just for one yes?
What I did with mine before I moved (since I was packing up to leave, I didn't want to set up something new, difficult to take down a couple weeks later) I raised a 2' x 2' x 4' cage up on a tall table, I took the door completely off, and then created a free range that extended outside of the cage several more feet. This allowed her to have the lights and misting nozzles in the cage, but still allowed her enough room to roam and feel comfortable. The free range area extended out about another 4-5 feet, I believe.

I don't know if you are capable of free ranging, but I'd take a look at the free range forum section to get some ideas. It would help your WC Meller's adjust and give them lots of space. But it might be difficult if you do not have room for two separate ones or if you have cats/dogs, etc.
Yes I think this is ok for me, but so If they need the light they come back on their own and otherwise they can move, but I have two of them male and female so it is ok, that they can stay in one room together? And If I do the misting just in the cage? How many time a day they need to drink please? Thanks a lot
I think they can be in the same room together, but I would make two separate free range areas for each. Like one in each corner of a room. That way you can monitor each one individually for several weeks, make sure they are eating and drinking, etc. Meller's can be kept together if they do not display any aggression towards each other so eventually you could bring them together into a single large free range, but for now I would monitor each one separately.

I had the misting nozzle just in the cage, because it was set up on a table to drain. So she would walk in and out of the mist as she needed. Meller's drink A LOT, and love very long sessions (20 minutes!). I used to do 2 x 20 minutes and 1 x 5-8 minutes throuought the day. Especially if they are wild caught, water is priority #1, so give them lots of access to it.
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