MegaRay Bulb


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Has anyone used these for chameleons? I know they produce a lot of uvb and probably dont mix well with all the water chameleons need, but wouldnt a bulb a couple feet above the cage still provide more uvb then a normal tube?
I have a bunch of 100W Mega Ray bulbs I got in a trade, and I occasionally use them over large cages for montanes, but I'll just run them for 2-3 hours a day, not the normal 10-12 you'd want a heat bulb to run. I do that to provide a hot flash that the animals need, and keep them at 74 the other 21 hours of the day under a Reptisun 5.0 or 10.0. I have heard of problems that were blamed on MV bulbs being used with chameleons, but I'm not convinced that the bulbs were the source of those problems. I don't use them for more than a few hours a day, but they're apparently fine for less time than that. I use them more for my tortioses during the winters, and give them 8-9 hours a day of heat.

On a side note, keep your receipt and get a guarantee in writing.... They seem to burn out very quickly.
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